Dancing with a Good Father

Fear. The chains that bind the heart. Whispered lies that say that it’s safer to stay than to risk. Over the years I have used fear as a refuge far too often. However, from a very young age, my lifeline has been the presence of God. God who is love. God is perfect love, and perfect love casts out fear. As I have grown, God faithfully draws me closer, and my role is to let go; to let go of fear as my refuge. It’s a journey. It’s a dance, God leading, me learning the steps as God sings a love song over me.

A couple of months ago, with the help of community, I was able to surrender just a little bit more fully to this dance. To believe a little more deeply of the goodness of my heavenly Father. As I talked with God that day, he gave me a new song. As with every song God sings over us, it spoke of love and truth, identity and destiny. I knew it was time; I needed to make a public declaration of who I am in Christ.

A few weeks ago I celebrated my baptism with friends and family! It was a wonderful day, and am so thankful for all who have played a role in my journey thus far. However, the dance is not over. I am excited, for I know the best is yet to come. At the same time, fear continues to call to me, to whisper lies that try to distract me from the song God sings over me. So my prayer is that this act will forever be a lamppost, a guide to the truth of God’s love.

Below is a link to the testimonies of those who were baptized that day; a special thanks to Leo for pouring love and energy into making this monument of divine love.



2 thoughts on “Dancing with a Good Father

  1. Rachel — what a beautifully written image-word of our relationship with God! I love it!! I am so proud of how you are growing in your journey-dance! Love you much!! Mom


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